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H.E Dr. Wissam Fattouh

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  • Experience: 35+ Years
  • Email: UAB@uabonline.org

H.E Dr. Wissam Fattouh

H.E Dr. Wissam Fattouh is the Secretary General of the Union of Arab Banks and the Secretary-General of the World Union of Arab Bankers , thus becoming the head of the largest financial banking federation in the Arab region.

The Union of Arab Banks is the true representative of the Arab banking community, aiming to support the links between its member banks, strengthen cooperation among them, highlight their Arab entity, achieve their common interests, and work to activate trade and investment relations between Arab countries. Dr. Fattouh has extensive knowledge and excellent experience in the Arab, international financial and banking sectors, which he has acquired over more than 34 years of hard work in this field. Through his extensive and close relationships with the heads of financial and banking institutions in the Arab world, Turkey, Europe, and the United States, as well as many international regulatory bodies, Dr. Fattouh has established unique relationships with heads of governments, ministers, central bank governors, and direct contacts with board chairs, senior executives in Arab banks and financial institutions as a result of long years of good relations. Dr. Fattouh has established many sustainable banking initiatives with the United States and European institutions aimed at enhancing US MENA private sector dialog for banking cooperation and Arab-European banking cooperation, particularly in the areas of combating money laundering, terrorism financing, and corruption. He has also worked to strengthen relationships with correspondent banks - all of which contributed to his appointment to this position.