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Philippe Barreau

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  • Experience: 35+ Years
  • Email: Philippe.Barreau@gmail.com

Philippe Barreau

Philippe Barreau is a seasoned business leader with over 35 years of experience in the general management of major organizations, demonstrating strong acumen and skills in financial management, business development, team leadership, and strategic decision-making.

He has extensive knowledge and insights in financial operations and has lived for 15 years in the Asia Pacific region, contributing to his cross-cultural communication and collaboration abilities. Philippe has managed the dynamic growth of companies in different sectors, including Currency and Payment, sovereign Identity, and government Security fields, showcasing his versatility and adaptability. His leadership expertise encompasses developing new markets, conducting M&A operations, managing strategic alliances with customers, suppliers, partners, financial, and governmental institutions, and leading companies through periods of growth and restructuring times of crisis. Philippe's leadership in Industry associations as a founding member of the International Currency Association and Chairman of the Secure Identity Alliance highlights his commitment to promoting Industry wide development and collaboration.